CPA Programs Can Be A Nice Little Earner

As the late, great George Cole would have said as his alter ego Arthur Daley if he had ever come across a CPA  affiliate program, “this could be a nice little earner”!! If you have no knowledge of CPA programs then please let me explain.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action and means you can earn money as an affiliate to a program even if you do not sell anything. The criteria instead is set for a certain action, such as filling in a form or signing up for a free gift etc. when they go to your affiliate link. You then receive a payment for the action they have taken. Obviously this is a lot easier than only getting paid when someone actually purchases a product and therefore it is a very popular activity among affiliate marketers.

As the conversion rate is high for these types of programs, becoming a CPA  affiliate is a great way of dipping your toes into the murky world of internet marketing! And once you find a program that suits you and that is a good match for the content on your website, and you find that it is successful and you are converting your traffic then all you need to do is ramp it up to earn more and more.

One tip I would like to pass on, although people may not be at first paying out any money by clicking on your affiliate links, I would still make sure that you promote good quality, ethical programs as you don`t want to get tarred with promoting a poor quality product. So please check out anything you are going to promote first before stepping forward into the breach.

One of my favourite CPA companies to sign up with is CPA Lead This company has an excellent range of CPA products for you to promote, they are very quick and easy to sign up with, you can choose which country you wish to target and choose your product accordingly, gives you lots of tools to help promote offers and you can check out your stats on their dashboard.

Here are a few other CPA companies you can check out:




Above All Offers

Globalwide Media


Making some money online isn`t rocket science but it does require you to take action so why not try here first if you have your website all ready and primed. This may turn out to be “a nice little earner”.

Your Tips For The Weekend

As we stumble through Friday night and into another weekend I thought I would share a few tips with you, for what it`s worth ( I have had the odd drink so bear with me mon amis!).

The first tip of course is to enjoy the weekend, a spot of relaxation at the end of a hard working week is just what the doctor ordered and besides, as Jack Nicholson famously said in The Shining, `All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy` and if you are dull you will never have anything of interest to say to anyone! So chill out and be refreshed for the following week.

Having said that if you are at a loose end, much like myself at this moment, and you have something to say, then knock yourself out and carry on.

Another tip is one about content. There is an old saying that still rings true and this is that `Content Is King`, at least in the eyes of Google.

But it cannot be any old content, it has to be unique, it has to be relevant to your particular niche (if not in a direct way then in an indirect way), it has to be entertaining so people will enjoy reading your missives, and it has to be fresh. If you hit all these notes then you are onto a sure fire winner.

Now I know writing is not everyone`s cup of tea and they can stare at a blank piece of paper for hours sweating and trying valiantly to summon up some inspiration. Fortunately I am the opposite, I just think of a title and cast off from there and see where my musings will take me (often into a cul-de-sac granted but it is usually a mildly amusing detour even if I do say so myself).

So if you really do struggle with writing and it is just not your bag at all I suggest you get someone to do this job for you by hiring someone from or some similar online portal. If you do keep a tight rein on the content though and ensure they follow your guidelines as everything should be done with a purpose in mind.

Fresh content on your website, or your social media outlets, is a great way to get traffic to your site and put your name up in lights. If you are going to be successful you need to be engaging with people regularly, whether it be by writing, creating videos, creating webinars or something of this ilk.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend. Cheers!!

SEO tips

Instant Karma & All That

It was many years ago that John Lennon sang about how “Instant Karma`s gonna get you”, but I believe that never was there a truer word spoken (or sung in this case).  I am sure that unless you have been hiding under a rock these last 10 years you will have heard of “The Secret” and if you have you will see that the ideals of it are very much entrenched in the idea of Karma and what you reap you sow.

I believe in Karma absolutely, and if people do bad things and act badly towards others they may not always suffer financially or superficially for their actions but they are poorer where it matters in their heart and soul, and following from this they live a mean life that is less enriched and of little real value.

You may be wondering at this juncture what the point of all this is and what relevance it has for The Wealth Community? I believe it has a great deal of meaning  to us all and I will explain:

In all types of business, including internet marketing, if you are going to have long term success you must tell the truth, be respectful of all your customers and always over deliver for them so they will come back to you time and time again. And if you don`t Karma will certainly be on hand to bite you on the backside. And you know you get 10 times the amount of pleasure from selling anything if you then get feedback from people who tell you how much they genuinely appreciate your product and your assistance.

It reminds me of a recent issue I have had with a firm of Solicitors whose name I would love to mention but maybe that should be for another time! Anyway I was doing some online work for this business on a monthly basis when all of a sudden I did not get paid at the end of one particular month. I was eventually told it was a blip and I would be paid later in the month. After working for another month, and after ringing them, sending emails and texts, I decided I would have to deliver an ultimatum and down tools until they paid me.

They never did pay me, they liquidated their Solicitors business leaving behind them a trail of creditors including your truly, and they never once had the balls to pick up the phone or even send me an email to explain their actions. Even worse the next day they had set up a new Solicitors business with a new name.

Now these two crooks probably had a great laugh at all their creditors expense and thought it all a great wheeze and they were all very clever. But word gets round. People now see them in their true colours and they will find it harder and harder to connect with people, promote their business and get clients. Eventually their business will go under for good, I have no doubt about that. Not Instant Karma granted but Karma all the same.

In summary, do the right thing and you will be rewarded in so many ways, and not just in the financial sense. And John Lennon will be proud of you.

3 Key Factors To Setting Up Your Website

Whatever niche area you are working in there is one common denominator that we all require for our websites and that is visitors, which is also sometimes  just known as traffic. Without people coming along to our site we might as well be babbling away in our closet back home for all the good it is doing us, we all need a captive audience which we need to then keep captivated to keep coming back for more.

To help us get a host of prying eyes checking out our every move online we need to ensure our website is set up correctly and the search engines know we exist. After all if the big G is ignoring you, you may as well pack up and go pig farming instead (no slight against all you pig farmers out there intended). Here are 3 things you need to implement to help you out in this quest.

  1. First up let us get ourselves verified by Google. If you aren`t verified you are out in the cold with your red nose pressed against the window pleading to get in. But fear not as getting verified is a simple process. What you need to do this is to have a Google account and of course setting up a Google email and account is a simple process that will take up 5 minutes of your time at the very most. Once you have an account and are logged in, if you go to Google Search and search for webmaster tools and then click on the link you will then be in our Google webmaster account and you can click on Add A Property. You then enter the URL of your website and click submit. You then have various options as to how to verify your site, such as uploading a file or adding a meta tag to your sites Home Page. Add this, click Verify and you are in!! The big G will be delighted with you and give you various tools as well to improve your website performance.
  2. Once you have a Google account you can also set up an Analytics account. An analytics account will mean you will be able to track the visitors to your website, day by day, week by week and month by month. After all, if you have no way of knowing how many visitors you are getting you will be working in the dark. This is a very simple process as above once you have a Google account, search for Analytics, set up your account and add your website by placing some tracking html on your website Pages.
  3. If you have a WordPress site a great way to ensure your site is optimised and to add your meta tags (of which the search engines set great store by) is to add a Plug In to your site such as the Yoast SEO Plug In. Just go to Plug Ins, search for SEO yoast in the search box and then click install. Once installed there will be a general settings Page on the plug in where you can add your website details and also for each Page there will be a section where you can add your Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. Now the keyword section is not of great importance but the Title and Description are, so make sure the meta title and meta description are unique to each Page and also relevant to that page, using all your major keyword terms.

I hope this post has been beneficial to you, come back for more posts in the next day or so on The Wealth Community, we know you want to!!

I Like The Cut Of Patric Chan`s Jib!

Patric Chan, as you may well know, is a renowned internet marketer who has a good reputation in the IM industry for delivering excellent products that actually have value and work for those who get up and take action on them (which is not always a given believe you me). He has a product called CB Passive Income, and again he doesn`t disappoint.

Here are a few details on the aforementioned:

As a member of CB Passive Income, you get of these thrown into the package:
1. An excellent wepage that has been tested to convert at around 50%
2. An attractive free offer that will entice visitors to subscribe.
3. Free hosting
4. Once visitors have opted in, Patrick’s auto responder will do all the work for you
5. Crafted emails and more free reports will be emailed out to this list with your unique code. This means all promotions will have your very own Clickbank ID in them, so when the people in this list buys a product, you get the commission.

Really all you need to do with CB Passive Income is give away a free report ad infinitum, it is as simple as that and the system does the rest. The great thing is you can ride on the back of Patric Chan`s reputation and use his services to do just this thing, pretty cool huh?

This is great for anyone who is new to the IM market as there is no techie stuff to work out or hit problems with, all that side of affairs is already taken care of by Patric, and he also has some good free reports for you to give away.

All you need to do is get traffic to your web page, and the one thing I REALLY like about this product is that it gives you some lovely traffic generating tips and measures, like how to generate traffic from YouTube, Social Media, Solo Ads, Guest Blogging, Press Releases, StumbleUpon, Forums and more.

There are also many promotional materials and email swipes that members can use to help them promote their free report website.

So in summary I believe that if you are a newbie who has not made any money or very little money on the internet I highly recommend you give CB Passive Income a shot, it is value for money.

So this gets a big thumbs up from The Wealth Commuity, for more details click on the banner below:

The Mindset Of Success

Your mindset is everything with regard to how successful you are going to be, either in business or in your social life. Without the right mindset you will never achieve anything and I can`t stress enough that you need to work on this just as hard as you work on your business to get the most out of your life.

A positive mindset can move mountains and if you have one you can brush off failures for what they are, obstacles on the true path to success (the great thing about failures is that you can enjoy it all the more when you are successful and the feeling is even sweeter). As Richard Branson often says, failure is just a part of your eventual success as you should learn with each failure and come back even stronger. The only real way you can fail for good is if you give up.

The right mindset works in all areas of your life. Have you often wondered how some guy you see has managed to have a beautiful girl on his arm when he is really no oil painting himself? It`s actually no surprise as it can nearly always be down to his strong personality and positive mindset. He may have tried a few more girls before her and got the cold shoulder but he didn`t give up and eventually got the girl he wanted. Many other men could have been just as `lucky` as him if only they had the courage to go and ask and risk being brushed off.

The right mindset

With the right mindset you never give up, you show a steely determination to overcome obstacles and to be the best that you possibly can be. You take risks which sometimes may not work but when they do you reap the rewards that the timid will never share.

If you have always been a glass half empty type of person rather than a glass half full it doesn`t mean you have to be like that all your life. Never think you cannot better yourself, read books on how you can expand your mind and also improve your self esteem, learn how to be more confident so you can deal with people from any business sector whether they are from the shop floor or the boardroom.

There are many techniques you can use to free up your mind so you can be a better more confident and successful person. For instance check out the website Rewire Your Brain that teaches you an unbelievably simple but incredibly effective technique that can literally change your life.

Your mind is THE most important organ in your whole body, look after it, nurture it and maximise your potential!


Is The Empower Network Yesterdays News?

Today I am going to blog about something that you have most likely come across and that is The Empower Network which has been around for some time and has had a lot of publicity, good and bad. I want to give you my opinion of this program and if I think it is worth checking out or better if you give it a swerve.

When I checked out The Empower Network the first thing that really concerned me was there is no real product involved in this, so it veers dangerously close to being a pyramid scheme to all intents and purposes. The only product if you join is your good self, who is then expected to build a downline and recruit other people into the scheme, and the circle continues—

The problem being that these sort of programs with no real meat to them tend to collapse in on themselves at a rapid rate of knots without warning. The only thing keeping it afloat is the continual new blood being brought into the business, but this cannot go on indefinitely and as soon as this slows get ready to dive for cover!

The participants are expected to continually blog and they are assured that this will result in them being a raging success in The Empower Network. Granted some people at the top have made a lot of money but to join this stale old business now I feel would be the height of folly.

It is not cheap to run, as the cost is at least $44.95 per month plus you can join the Inner Circle for an extra $100 per month and some of the extra training they provide can run into the thousands of dollars!!

The search engines are now treating each Empower Network blog as an individual entity in its own right so you are not getting any kudos any more by being part of the network per se.

You have no access to the owners and there is no live support included which is always a tad worrying methinks. You cannot get a free trial with the network to try it out first before you dive in and there upsells all over the shop which always annoys the hell out of me.

In summary I wouldn`t touch this now with a barge pole and my recommendation is to stay well clear of this network.

With The Wealth Community we will not only be reviewing things we love we will review things we think leaves a nasty taste in the mouth as knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what works.

Quick Start Challenge – The Verdict

Well it`s been emotional and after 5 weeks the Quick Start Challenge has now drawn to a close, and here I am going to deliver the verdict on the Challenge.

The first thing I have to say in praise of the creators of this project, Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips, is that it is full value for money as it only cost $20 as I recall (there were a few add-ons you could purchase if you wished but they were not required).

And it is fair to say that they put a lot into the Challenge, with Dean giving a webinar every Monday where he spelt out the latest Challenge that you had to complete before the end of the week. The only small gripe in this was Dean`s delivery style was a bit ponderous for my taste, he could start a sentence and I could nip into the kitchen and make a coffee and still get back before he had got to the end of the sentence.

How to make money online

And for this reason the webinars tended to last at least 90 minutes which was a tad excessive as the actual content could have been passed onto us in 20 minutes at a pinch.

The way it was set up made people take action, setting one task each week for all the members to complete, and although they did not give you a great deal of information on how to do the task this meant that you had to think for yourself and find things out which meant you learnt a lot more than if they spoon fed everything to you.

They also, and this was probably the best bit of the whole course, set up a Facebook community page for people to encourage each other along and bandy ideas around, and this proved a great help to everyone who participated in the group.

A lot of people felt that QSC let themselves down on the final webinar which for the most part was a long sales pitch for their upsell to the iPro course which was priced at around £2,000.

This final webinar was even longer than the others (around two and a half hours) and I know that many people lost patience well before the end. But looking on the positive side an upsell at the end of the course was inevitable but it`s not obligatory to buy and you can just use the information gleaned from the basic QSC to build an online business without a doubt.

So there we have it, QSC is recommended for those who enjoy getting stuck in and taking action, and although there were faults and annoyances these guys give full value for  money.

The Wealth Community Moves Into Top Gear!!

Hello and I have good news for everyone who is going to be using this website for information as now I have completed the Quick Start Challenge I can now really start to ramp things up here and start to get down to real business with regard to building a healthy business online and one that you all can get involved with.

The Quick Start Challenge has taught me a great many things, many of them I did already know but it just confirmed to me that I am on the right track and that the real things I need to add to this are regular action and determination and perseverance.

This is going to be very exciting from hereon in as I am going to be sharing some life changing information here on this website and also on my email bulletins which you can sign up for on this Page. We will be bringing you step by step guides on wealth building strategies that are going to blow your proverbial mind in the very near future. All you need to do is stay with us and take action consistently and you will reap the rewards of your endeavours.

wealth community

Some of the wealth building tips and strategies I will be sharing will need a little money to get them off the ground but others will require next to no money so you will be able to take your pick of what you decide to go with. But one thing you can be sure is that all the things we share with you here will be ethically sound as far as we are concerned and we will not get involved in any scams or things that may harm other people in any way, whether that be emotionally or financially.

I believe, in fact I know, that within a year this site will become one of the most sought after sites in the wealth building niche and it will be popular because we will have our finger on the pulse, we will pull no punches if we see something or someone who we think should be avoided like the plague, and we will build a community that has everybody`s welfare at heart.

But it`s not all about the money you know, its about striving to better yourself, bringing you and your family the freedom to choose what you do with the rest of your life. The freedom to sack your boss and have an internet lifestyle and business you can feel proud of.

That`s all for now, y`all come back  y`hear real soon!!

The 10 Essential Elements To Your Online Sucess

As you can see if you steer your eyes over to the right hand side of this website you  can now receive a copy of “The 10 Essential Elements To Your Online Success” just by putting your name and email address in the box provided.

I think that is a very good deal as taking 5 seconds of your time to fill in the form and click Sign Up will be rewarded by an excellent report giving you the exact steps you need to take to ensure whatever you do online will have the best chance of succeeding. There is no fluff and filler in the report, just top quality content that will help you get more visitors to your websites and more sales.

The content is easily actionable by your good self and you will be absolutely amazed and overjoyed at the results that you obtain if you put this information into action.

succeeding online


The information has been gleaned from years of working at the online `coalface` and has been condensed so that it is easy to follow and easy to read. Remember the saying simplicity is genius!!

What I love about building a business online is that you can always keep learning. Online marketing and business strategies online change so rapidly that you always have to keep up with the latest methods and teach yourself new tips and strategies. Never think you know all the answers and that you are now the Big Cheese as sooner rather than later you will find the cheese has gone mouldy around the edges and is stinking the place out!

teaching new online strategies

Now back to you filling in the form on the site. When you fill in your details you will not only get the report “The 10 Essential Elements To Online Success” but you will also get our weekly emails which will give you information on how you can build a long term successful business online. These emails will be full of wealth building strategies that you can use and which will hopefully catapult you into a long and successful online career.

I am so looking forward to sharing all these things with you so that we can all go forward together and build businesses that will help both us and all the people around us have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. Life is there for the taking and I for one am going to grab it with both hands, I hope you will come along for the ride.